Zero Liquid Discharge Water Treatment

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Plant in India

We are one of the largest manufacturer of Zero Liquid Discharge system in Ahmedabad, India. A cutting-edge water treatment technique called Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) attempts to completely stop the discharge of any liquid waste from a commercial, industrial, or municipal institution. As much water as possible is recovered and reused by ZLD systems, which reduce or do away with the need to discharge wastewater completely. Our offered range of Zero Liquid Discharge Systems are used for purifying and recycling liquefied substances. These are designed and manufactured using the finest quality materials and ultra-modern technology. We offer this system, which has zero liquid discharge characteristics, is very helpful for industrial processes since it can treat effluent liquid streams and recover valuable products from them.

Zero Liquid Discharge Water Treatment Plant

ZLD is a treatment process designed to eliminate all the liquid waste from a system. Main focus of Zero Liquid Discharge is to diminish wastewater and produce clean water which is suitable for reuse. ZLD Systems use cutting-edge desalination and wastewater treatment technology to clean and recycle almost all of the wastewater generated. ZLD systems are used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, distillery, food and beverages and many other. We also offer customized Zero Liquid Discharge System in various configurations given by the customer at affordable prices.

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