Solid Pollution Control

Solid Waste Treatment Plant in India

Everyday lots of solid waste is generated from the industrial and household, which when not treated properly can cause lots for pollutions and degradation to the environment. We provide the wider solutions related pollution control managements. These wastes are cautious for biotic and abiotic components of the environments.

Lots of techniques like incinerations and sanitary landfills of modern methods of the waste disposals. The different types of wastes like industrial waste, hazardous waste and municipal waste. The municipal waste arises from the different types of domestic waste and the industrial waste arises from the industrialactivities. And, all the types of waste causes severe human, plants and animals.

Different types of solid wastes

The different types of the solid waste most commonly generated are stated below

  • Waste tires
  • Electronic equipment
  • Lamps and bulbs
  • Demolition and construction debris
  • Used oils
  • Industrial or commercial waste
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Medical waste

The different techniques for handling almost all types of solid waste are stated below

  • Process diagram for pyrolysis
  • Plastic waste recycling process
  • Industrial waste becomes the binding material for binders


The pyrolysis is a process where the materials are decomposed at a very high temperature in an inert atmosphere and because of this process the chemical composition of the decomposes material changes. And, it is a very effective technique for treating the organic waste. The slag cementis a type of cements which composes of the hydraulic binder of a very high strength which mainly composed of the CaO, Al2O3, SiO2 (95% of the overall content) and alkaline activators like baking soda, liquid glass etc.

Our company provides the best solution related to these solid pollution control techniques and, the plants and equipment designed by the Pinakin Technology Solutions are such that they efficiently handle all types of the waste and helps in their effective decomposition. We hold a great experience in this field and have successfully handled many waste management solutions providing projects across the countries.

Have any requirement related to these pollution controlling equipment feel free to approach us.

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