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MVR Evaporator System

The Pinakin Technology Solutions is the leading MVR Evaporator Manufacturers in India and provide the complete solution related to these evaporators like MVR Rising Film Evaporators, MVR Forced Circulation Crystallizers and the MVR Falling Film Evaporators. They can be chosen as per the requirements.

The Mechanical Vapor Recompression or the MVR uses the centrifugal compressor for recompressing the secondary vapor, which is easily evaporated from liquid material for rising the pressure and temperature in order to reuse the heating source for evaporating the liquid material. By this process, electric energy and heat energy and save 50% to 80% consumption and 90% cooling water.

And, it mainly comprises of components like preheater, separators, heat exchangers, vacuum pump, vapor compressor, operating platform, circulating pump, control cabinets and the other accessories.

Features of MVR Evaporator

The features of the Mechanical Vapor Recompression are stated below

  • It is an evaporation technology makes use of small amount of steam, which reduces their operation cost which reduces environment pollution
  • The temperature difference is very less as compare to traditional evaporators which improve the product quality
  • Equipped with on-site cleaning, CIP cleaning pipelines, and the overall working is very easy to operate with no dead angle
  • There is no requirement of any condenser where the overall structure and process is very simple
  • Have fully automatic operation, continuous operation, safe and reliable
  • Automatic operation system which protects the equipment
  • Requires less maintenance


We designed them using the best quality raw materials and the entire range is known for their quality. After passing the strict quality testing is supplied and exported worldwide. Have any requirement related to these evaporators, call or inquire us for more details.

The complete solution related these MVR Evaporator System is provided at a user friendly price.

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