Air Pollution Control System

Nowadays, the air pollution has become the major cause of polluting and degrading the environment. There are many major and minor factors, day to dayactivities that are deteriorate the environment in different ways. The causes of the air pollutions like transportation, wild fires, burning fossil fuel, industrial emission, indoor air pollution, microbial decaying process, burning garbage waste, demolition and construction, landfill waste, agriculture activities, mining activities, factories activities, etc.

These pollutions are creating the different issues on the environments, flora, fauna, and also damaging the health of human being, birds and animals. We are providing the solution related to the air pollution control system past so many years and have served many national and international clients. The equipment we designed are as per the latest technology and are efficient in handling the different types of pollution causing effectively.

Air Pollution Control System Suppliers

Whenever, this equipmentis installed they are highly environmentally friendly and effectively handles all types of the air pollutants. We are providing the wide range of the air pollution equipment they are highly efficient. The best air pollution equipment in India and we are providing the customization facility where they are designed as per the client requirements.

Have any requirements related to these Air Pollution Equipment we provide the complete solution related to Pinakin Technology Solutions. Call or inquire us for more details.

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

The Pinakin Technology Solutions is the leading Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Exporter in India. Our company has a great experience in providing the pollution controlling device manufacturing and supplying worldwide.

These ESP is the air pollution controlling device which is generally used for separating the solid particulate matter from contaminated air stream. The contaminated air flows through the ESP chamber and it is ionized by electron emitting electrodes which is also known as corona chamber. These suspended particles are easily charged using the electron fields and can be migrated to collected plate. These accumulate particulate matter can be removed from the collection plates at periodic intervals by hitting the plates with the hammers. These heavy particles fall at the base of the electrostatic precipitators where the hoppers carry the removed particles for the disposals.
These ESP is used to separate micron or the smaller particles from the gas stream and is also used for the desalters to separate the crude oils and salts from the feeds. The best quality of the Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Exporter in India is provided by our company at a user friendly price.

Applications of Wet ESP

The Applications of the Wet ESP are stated below :

  • Sewage Sludge Incinerators and Dryers
  • Production Plants for Limestone, Cement, Gypsum, Paper and Pulps
  • Ammonia Control Plants, Acid Mist Controller, SO3, SO2
  • Oil Fired Boilers, Coal Boiler, Coal Mills and Coal Driers
  • Detergents Manufacturing Plants, Electro Metallurgical, Chemical and Gas Manufacturing Plants.

The Features of the Wet ESP are stated below :

  • Superior Quality
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy Installation
  • Require Less Maintenance
  • Easy to Customize
  • Available at Anexclusive Price


The entire range is designed using the best quality raw materials and are equipped with all the latest technological and safety features. Have any requirement related to these Wet Electrostatic Precipitator than approach us for more details.

Scrubber Wastewater Treatment

The Scrubber or the scrubber wastewater treatment system is mainly used for eliminating the harmful elements from the industrial gases before releasing them in the surrounding environment. The wide range of the scrubber systems is provided by the Pinakin Technology Solutions which can be easily chosen as per the requirement. Our company possesses a great experience in manufacturing and supplying the widest range of the pollution control equipment.

Types of Scrubber System

The Different types of the Scrubber System are provided by our company and can be chosen accordingly as per the Requirements.

  • Jet Venturi Fume Scrubber System

It can Efficiently Eliminate all types of Noxious Gases, Odors, Particulate, Dust and the Fumes from the Gases. These Scrubber Systems Efficiently Handle Heavy Contaminant Loads and High Temperatures can be easily using these Scrubber Systems.

  • Vent Gas Scrubber System

These Scrubber Systems are Compact, Light Weights, Simple & Easy to Install, which is specially designed for Efficient and budget Friendly Pollution Control from the Low Volume Sources.

  • High Energy Venturi Scrubber System

This High Energy Venturi Scrubber System is basically designed for the Elimination of the Submicron and Micron Particulates from the Commercial and Industrial Effluent Gases.

  • Packed Tower Gas Scrubber System

The Best Quality Packed Tower Gas Scrubber System is provided by our company and can effectively remove and absorbs the poisonous gases and can handle the gases free from the particles.

  • Packaged Scrubber System

These Scrubber Systems composed of instruments, recycle pumpand piping which are as per the client requirements. And, it eliminates the burden of system designing.

The entire scrubber system range provided by our company is designed using the best quality material and are equipped with all latest security and technological features. We are also providing the scrubber system customization facility and have served many national and international clientele worldwide.

Have any requirement related to these scrubber systems and its spare. And, then approach us for more details.

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