Cooling Crystallizer Technology in USA

We are the leading manufacturer of Cooling Crystallizer Technology in USA and provide the best solution related to this technology. Our company has a great experience in manufacturing and supplying of pollution controlling equipment and best solution is provided regarding this equipment.

This CC technology can be easily applied to all the types of the supersaturated solution for providing the crystal growth and also the different types of crystal can be easily formed using the solutions. And, we provide the latest technology cooling crystallizers that are easy to install and operate.

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant in USA

These crystallizers can easily eliminate the liquid waste to create a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and the crystallization process is divided into the two stages namely primary nucleation and the secondary nucleation. Where, the first stage involves the growth of the new crystal and the second stages promote their growth and, this stage cause mass production of crystal.

These crystallizers can be easily chosen depending the requirement and their application as the CCC or the continuous cooling crystallizer is used for the crystallization of salt and whereas the salt crystallizer can efficiently process the brine and produces the crystal of the solid salt and clean water.

Our Range

We provide the wider range of the Cooling Crystallizer Technology which can be chosen as per your requirements

  • Vacuum Crystallizer
  • Cooling Crystallizer
  • Evaporative Crystallizer
  • Forced Circulation Crystallizer
  • Oslo Type Growth Crystallizer


The benefits of the Cooling Crystallizer Technology provided by our company are stated below

  • Superior quality
  • Easy to install
  • Require less maintenance
  • Very wide range of crystallizer is provided by us
  • Easy customized
  • Available at exclusive prices


They are widely used for the different applications like manufacturing, power stations, chemical processing, etc. These crystallizers can be easily used alone or can be easily combined with some other technology like evaporators. The entire range provided by the Pinakin Technology Solutions is known for their quality in markets and greatly demanded by our clienteles.

Have any requirement related to any type of cooling crystallizers we provide an exact solution for all your requirement. Inquire or call us for more details related to all types of pollution controlling equipment.

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